OH JAY speaks with his beats


Feel Oh Jay's vibe: a crying guitar, raw drums, a deep bass and his always funky sound. Everything this beatcreator, producer and DJ from the Netherlands touches, has soul. Oh Jay talks through his music and has been doing so successfully for over twenty years. With his deep feeling for beats he has earned a lot of respect in the Netherlands and beyond.

Oh Jay was eleven years old when he got introduced to hip hop. He started out as a B-boy, but soon found his true love: turntables & beats. Oh Jay has been the musical brain behind the Dutch hip hop crew Dope Posse since 1989 and had a big influence on Dutch hip hop with his international sound. Dope Posse got signed on DJAX Records, the first Dutch hip hop label, and released the critically-acclaimed album 'Mind over matter' in 1991. Oh Jay produced everything for Dope Posse and later he did the same for DTF, Family Jewels and Are MC. Oh Jay's love for hip hop pays off; the crews gets a lot of performances in Europe and airtime on radio and tv.  The press is always most impressed with Oh Jay's work.

Artists familiar with real hip hop request on working with Oh Jay. In 1995 L-Rock (known from DAMN) knocks on Oh Jay's door and they start the successful project Phat Pockets (DJAX Records).

As from 1997 Oh Jay makes beautiful soul with singer/musician U-Gene. PIAS signs the talented duo U-Gene & Oh Jay (UJ) quickly. UJ makes a deep impression on all the big Dutch music events and is asked for the world-famous North Sea Jazz festival three years in a row. The popular Dutch singer Anouk is blown away and asks them to appear on her tour in 2000.

In 1999 Oh Jay starts a long lasting collaboration with the successful Dutch rapper Brainpower. Oh Jay signs for the most powerful tracks on all the Brainpower albums. Together they have two top 10 hits with 'Voel the vibe' and 'Alles'. In 2008 Oh Jay receives a Gold Record for Brainpower's second album 'Verschil moet er zijn'. They're still making beautiful music as we speak.

Over the years Oh Jay worked with an impressive list of (inter)national artists/performers: Louis Johnson,  Jara Harris, Nowell Haskins, Brooklyn Academy, DiceCream, Jean Grae, Ultramagnetic MCs, Moon Baker, Dodge, Trijntje Oosterhuis, Candy Duffer, Edsilia Rombley, Freek de Jonge, Krewcial, Seven Eleven a.o.

Oh Jay's latest project is simply called 'Rap Classical'. Together with Jay Frenzy (Den Bosch, NL), Slimm Hendrix (Washington, DC) and Pasha the eMCee (Brooklyn, NY) they keep the essence alive. They call it Hip Hop!

To be continued...